URPOWER Dog Leash Harness Review

Does your dog wheeze and choke incessantly after pulling, and this has caused the perplexity on if this might harm the dog? Then qualm your doubts with the URPOWER leash harness review. If you’re a newbie to dog harness then this is the best leash harness, to begin with.

URPOWER Dog Leash Harness ReviewProvided you need a leash harness to precaution your pet (puppy) to prevent pulling, this review is also good for you. This dog leash harness has designs that are capable to help your dogs’ pulling huskies.

This URPOWER dog wear comes with a harness and a leash. The product comes in various sizes and it’s thick. The clasp is dependable for walking with your dog, as the consistent use doesn’t hinder the complete use of the harness.

The inimitable dog leash harness is what you need to train your dog effectively. Envisage using a dependable 2-in1 dog wear for training dogs, then this leash/harness is quite easy to use. As to the fact that there are three different ways in order to suite users’ comfort.

And also, the looks of your dog can be enhanced with the stripped blue-orange colors of the leash harness. In fact, for abrupt tugs by the dogs, you can utilize the handle to reprimand the dogs’ action. The manufacturer encourages buyers with its warranty policy, in order to secure users’ optimum use of the product.

This article is profound at helping readers by making the subject comprehensible. This review will be incurring methods for absolute assimilation. Here are the five amazing features.

URPOWER Dog Leash Harness Review | 5 Major Features

1. Heavy-Duty Construction

The URPOWER pet leach harness is constructed from dual thick hard layers of blue jeans with a red nylon. The materials are used to aid the longevity of the harness, even if your dogs’ weightiness hasn’t been good with the long use of a harness, then you can be pretty sure that this is reliable.

The layered jeans are seamed together with the orange nylon stitches. So, it doesn’t just get torn while washing it. The thickness of the strap is intriguing that it doesn’t scratch your skin while walking with your dogs.

With this product, you can easily train your dog from one stage to another due to its ability to use it for long.

2. Easy Way To Wear The Harness

Of course, after buying a product; the next thing that comes to the mind is how to use it, isn’t it? Definitely Yes! The putting of the leash harness on your dog is a bit different from many others. As users can possibly opt for the most convenient ways.

Users can hook the leash to the harness and wrap the strap around the neck of the dog. Then straighten it to the harness (large loop), then clip it together with the leash (small loop).  While practicing this strategy, you don’t find it rubbing between the legs.

3. Specifications

The purchase of this product is packaged with one harness, one leash, and an instruction book. In order words, you’re buying them together.

Provided you’ve measured you’re the girth and the neck of your dog, you can order it depending on sizes. The designs are of different sizes and they are small, medium and large. Here are the important piece of information that’ll help your purchase.
  • For small size, the harness is at the measurement range of 12.6inches-18.5inches (adjustable). The leash is in the measurement range of 33inches-55inches (adjustable)
  • For the medium size, the harness is at the measurement range of 18.6inches-20.5inches (adjustable). The leash is at the range measurement of 35inches – 63inches (adjustable).
  • For large size, the harness is in the measurement range of 20.6inches – 28.5inches (adjustable). The leash is in the measurement range of 40inches – 77inches (adjustable).

4. Versatile

Apart from the fact that the URPOWER dog leash & harness is durable, the product can be used for hiking, trekking, walkouts, and training of puppies. The harness & leash gives users flexibility. They can opt for which one to go for, as all come with quality designs.

Unlike many straps that get frays easily, this satisfies customers to their optimum wants. With the leash, walks, jogging, running and other outdoor activities become safe.

But with the harness, owners can control the speed, abrupt turning in directions, and tugging at aggressive dogs can be controlled. It’s just dependable to carry out activities.

5. No Choking & No Skin Irritation

Although there is no handle, yet you can’t find buckles and padding that can cause skin irritations. This dog wear has two distinct adjustable straps for lengthening and reducing the lengths of the harness and straps.

None of them cause choking or pains to dogs’ necks if they are rightfully selected. In order for one to select right, you must measure the girth and the neck, then choose a larger size.

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Why Should You Use URPOWER Dog Leash Harness?

1. Easy To Use

The URPOWER 2-in-1 dog leash harness saves you time, as wearing it is quite easy. The product comes with a leash and a harness. So, it saves you money by purchasing them sparingly.

2. Warranty

The dog leash harness is backed with six months warranty. This is for buyers to secure their confidence in the product they’re about purchasing. The warranty policy ensures you’re paid back in full. So, your purchase is safe.

3. Easy To Maintain

The URPOWER dog wears are easy to maintain. However, it’s advisable to wash it before using it. While washing it for the first time, soak it in warm saline water, then after it’s soaked (half an hour) wash it as you wish.

4. Reliable

The dog harness can be used for dogs that love pulling. Perhaps you want the best harness and leash that will save you money, this also can that for you flawlessly.

5. Durable

This URPOWER lengthening and shortening of the strap are easy. Perhaps, the leash is used by a novice and the dog pulls, the material is tough enough to withstand long-time lunge.

  • It’s easy to use
  • The package comes in leash and harness
  • The product is durable
  • It has two adjustable
  • No buckles, no irritation
  • The construction is made from blue jeans
  • Easy to use the leash with the harness
  • The purchase of this product is backed by six months warranty
  • No handle

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the dimension and the weight of the package?

Answer: 6 (length) x 2(width) x 7 (height) inches and the weight is 8 ounces.

  1. Can I use it for cats, and which size should I use for a nine-year-old cat?

Answer: Yes, Use the small size. But it’s professionally advised to measure the girth and neck first.

  1. Why should it be soaked first?

Answer: To prevent it from fraying.

  1. Can this fit for my dog that weighs 15lbs?

Answer: Potential buyers are advised to purchase harness/leash after they had measured the girth and the neck of their pets.

  1. Can this work for dogs with larger heads but smaller necks (pugs)?

Answer: Of course, it should. It’s adjustable and the dogs’ necks’ measurement correlates with the size ordered.

 Final Verdict

The conclusion of the URPOWER dog leash harness review is that you can simply purchase a non-vest dog wears. The dog wears that is a good replacement for the use of collars with a harness that prevents your dog from pulling.

Of course, you don’t get this everywhere, as you can leverage on this opportunity to intense your relationship with your dogs. The product contributes to your safety while using it.

And the dogs don’t have skin irritations as there is no buckle or substitute adjustment means involved. So for those that want to maintain/improve the looks of their dogs, then this is recommended.

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