KurgoTru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness Review

Our KurgoTru-fit no pull dog harness review provides you with a quality harness that’s unique in its design. The harness that’s capable to make you prefer no other else but this. The construction alone is capable to keep your dog in a no escape zone with its five distinct adjust means.

KurgoTru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness ReviewIn fact, the buckles are incomparable in terms of how durable they are. They are strong enough to help you control your dog absolutely well. And the positioning of the broad padded center of gravity at the chest of dogs makes it difficult for your dogs to pull.

In case you’re interested in the purchase of a harness for your dog that will help you to effectively train your dog, then you can be confident with the use of this product. It has strong rings to make the use of leash super easy. Not only that, it’s constructed with reliable materials that make washing awesome and convenient.

Finding it difficult to use a harness with your car; you don’t have to bother with the use of this KurgoTru-fit dog harness. With respect to the fact that it buckles releases very fast, using the leash for the neck of your dog is awesome.

As it doesn’t cause choking or pains to the throat of dogs. The seam and the padding don’t cause irritation to the skin of the harness. In fact, you can replace other harnesses for this as it will not let you down.

The review is profound at breaking down the subject into simple terms. We’ll be starting with five amazing features for the proper understanding of the subject.

KurgoTru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness Review | 5 Major Features

1. Highly Adjustable

The KurgoTru-fit dog harness provides your dogs with no escape with its adjustable features. It comes with five adjust sliders. In fact, you can adjust the overall length using the two adjust sliders at the chest. This is to firmly hold your dog in a secure way.

None of the adjust sliders is found close to the armpit as it doesn’t rub the legs of the dogs. The buckle and the webbing are super convenient for quick release of the straps.

The buckles are made of plastics, but with a high-quality material. The interesting part about the adjust sliders is that once it’s fixed and fit, then that settles it. You don’t have to keep adjusting it again.

2. Nice Designs

This KurgoTru-fit pet harness comes with two loops of different wideness. Of course, the small loop goes to the neck while the large loop covers the body. No much padding to it, as it gives your pet the freedom to enjoy maximum freedom.

For reliable purchase of the dog harness, the harness comes in five different sizes. It comes in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Here are tips that can ease your purchase. The small size ranges from 12-20inches to 16-22inches, this is for dogs that weigh 10-25 lbs. The medium size ranges from 16-25 inches to 18-28inches, this is for dogs that weigh 25-50 lbs.

The large size ranges from 18-30inches to 24-34inches, this is for dogs that weigh 50-80 lbs.

The Xlarge size ranges from 24-35inches to 28-44inches, this is for dogs that weigh 80+lbs. The thickness of the harness is reliable for larger dogs.

3. Padded Chest

The Kurgo True-fit smart harness is padded at the chest to keep your dog in maximum comfort. Just like an inverted triangular shape, it goes straight down from the shoulder to the torso. The padding is broad enough to keep your dogs through all kinds of weather.

Also, you don’t find it wiggling all around the chest of the dogs. In fact, the rings are found at the back and the chest of your dog. These rings help in training the dog (the ring at the back), the ring at the front helps in preventing the dogs from pulling.

4. No Pull

The KurgoTru-fit no pull dog harness is what you need to train your puppy sledding and other skills you like. The harness is easy to put on your dogs and it doesn’t become difficult when you want to remove it.

The harness is just perfect for controlling your dog from tugging at aggressive dogs while taking walkouts. In fact, the rings are strong to withstand force. The harness also has car restraint tether to help users prevent driving distractions while the dogs are in the car.

5. Versatile

The harness is durable and it can be used for different purpose. The harness can be used for walking, jogging, hiking, and running. In fact, you can use it has a good replacement for collars as it fits enough to the shoulder.

The harnesses can be used by your dogs for everyday activity as it’s washable. The harness is breathable while dogs are in it and it has ergonomic features. It’s highly recommended.

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Why Should You Use KurgoTru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness?

1. Cheap

The kurgo True-fit dog harness is cheap that it’s affordable for everyone. It’s lightweight also. And you can find it on Amazon. You can get it less than $30 for medium size and small size.

2. Various Sizes

The harness comes in various sizes to help dogs grow with it. The five sizes help dogs to feel comfortable while they’re using the harness. The sizes all give no escape options to your dogs. As its five adjust slider keeps the wear fit to their bodies.

3. Manufacturer Policy

For any demand or needs, you can always contact the manufacturer for support. They’ll always be there to respond to request and complaints. They also give lifetime warranty to buyers in order to encourage purchase.

4. Relevant

The harness is well known in America and Europe. The kurgo true-fit pet harness has gained stardom due to the comfort it awards pets. From the inception of the business program in 2003, buyers have gained solace and confidence in their quality production.

5. Quality Product

The Kurgo true-fit smart harness has all the qualities needed for your dog to be comfortable while using a harness. The harness is well seamed and stitched that it doesn’t itch dogs. And it doesn’t rub the legs of the dogs.

  • It has lightweight
  • The design is packaged with five adjust sliders
  • Quick buckle release
  • The harness is reliable
  • The kurgo true-fit has no pull option for dogs
  • The harness is washable
  • The harness is easy to use
  • It’s cheap
  • No handle

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please, can I use it for my cat?

Answer: Yes. But before you purchase, measure the size of your cat’s chest.

  1. Can I choose this harness for my dog that weighs 70lbs?

Answer: Yes, it comes in five different sizes. So you can just opt for the large size.

  1. How long is the warranty?

Answer: lifetime. It means, you can always approach the manufacturers to lay complaints.

  1. Does it come with any other package?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a leash.

Final Verdict

The review is to shop with our amiable audience on the reliable harness that they can trust for purchase. The bottom line is that the Kurgo true-fit no-pull harness is what every person needs for the comfort of their pets.

The harness has quick release buckles, it easy to use for different kinds of dogs, and the maintenance of the harness is not costly. It’s a no escape harness for puppies and dogs.

Huskies and other breeds can also use this harness to prevent pulling. The five adjust slider is so perfect that it doesn’t wiggle on the body of dogs. And it’s just the harness that is inimitable in its qualities.

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