Julius-K9 IDC Dog Harness Review

Dogs are beautiful creatures. Their animalistic behavior mesmerizes human that they make the domestic animals their pets. The enthusiasm they use in recompensing those that rear them is so heartwarming.

But despite the love they get, they seem not to get enough when it comes to them responding to wild nature. Are you feeling unpleased with your dog because of it being wild? Perhaps, you’ve tried but you’ve not gotten a harness that is good for your big smart dog. Use our Julius-K9 IDC dog harness review to get what you want.

Julius-K9 IDC Dog Harness ReviewThe harness comes in colors with unique designs. The harness is large enough to contain gig bull dogs with big necks. For those who need a harness for training their dogs or for commercial purposes, they’d need the padded harness that will make their dogs feel comfortable.

It is adjustable. Not only that provided your dog is squirmy, there is a handy space at back (behind the torso) where users can utilize for carrying their dogs. The harness can be used by a novice or those who are fringy as fixing the harness on the neck of the dog is easy likewise is it easy while removing it.

Are you confounded if the harness would hinder your bull from stretching itself whenever it wants? Of course, the dogs are free to be what they want to become. The design is advanced, and never will you find the harness running fray. The harness is just the best for those who need to enjoy a long relationship with their dogs.

The review looks forward to simplifying the subject to a more comprehensive standard. We’ll begin by enumerating the five features.

Julius-K9 IDC Dog Harness Review | 5 Major Features

1. Adjustable

The Julius-k9 dog harness is an adjustable harness. It succors your pet not to be completely tightened by the harness. Right at the front of the harness, you can adjust it.

In fact, provided your bulldog so large and you’ve contemplated if any harness could be used, then try this out.

It can be adjusted at the torso and the belly of the dog. It has straps (with Velcro) that make it easy to key-in the belly and the chest in a way that your dog won’t feel inconvenient.

Irrespective of how large can be, the seamed part of the harness will never scratch the forelegs of your dog. In other words, it won’t affect the movement of your dogs.

2. Ergonomics

The harness can be removed and it can be clipped on your dog easily. In fact, what you just have to do is call your dog to yourself and clip/remove. The harness is not bulky that your dog will not be able to carry it.

And the placing of the Julius-K9 easy-to-clip harness is made in a way that you can position it at any area in your home. It has a 360-degree aperture when sighting it from the front (the adjustable front).

The side view looks like the invert of the “V” shape. And at the peak view of the harness, is where you’ll find the handy spot. You can comfortably hang it to walls in the store, you can position it in cool places and you’ll rarely find it dirty.

3. Perfect Fit For Large Dogs

The Julius-k9 IDC dog harness is so unique that you can fix a side bag to it. The bag comes in various colors. You can find color black, woodland, dark pink, aquamarine, blue, camouflage, pink, red, purple, autumn touch, blue-sky, neon green, UV orange, kiwi, earth, petrol, and military.

The Julius-k9 product can be used for dogs of different sizes also. The adjustable elastic harness doesn’t get slack easily no matter how long it’s been used.

And the design is the same for all the products. As you can fix side bags to it and removable attachments that have hook and loops fasteners. In other words, you can use the harness as a mini storage of one or two petite items and you can at the same time control the movements of the dog with it.

4. Usable For All Breeds

This harness works for all breeds. Although it comes in large sizes, yet it has sizes that fit puppy and 6 months to 1-year-old dogs. The inner part is made of the liner which makes it washable. The ECO-tex doesn’t harm the skin of your pets.

The ECO-tex offers energy expansion. Apart from the fact that it absorbs moisture, it’s a good impact resisting material which helps in keeping your dogs from sudden shocks. In other words, it helps your dogs to limit the tendency of being squirmy. The sizes are from zero to three.

  1. 0/58-74cm/23-30”
  2. Baby: 1/29-36cm/11.5-14inches
  3. 1/63-85cm/26-33.5”
  4. Baby: 2/33-45cm/13-17.5”
  5. 2/71-96cm/13-17.5”
  6. 3/82-115cm/32.5-45.5”

5. Reliable Locking Buckles 

The harness holds your pet sturdy that it doesn’t have to be pulled here and there. Neither does it slip off the body of your dog. There are Velcro, buckles and reflex edges that help in the perfect use of the harness. The harness is lightweight and it’s a good replacement for multiple numbers of other harnesses.

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Why Should You Use Julius-K9 IDC Dog Harness?

1. Customers’ Reviews

The Julius-k9 dog harness has been awarded accolades on Amazon, due to its market relevance. The customers made a remarkable recommendation of the harness and how it has helped them tame their dogs. The dog harness currently has 88% of 5 stars. This shows you can’t be let down with the use of this product.

2. Multiple Colors

The dog harness comes in different colors and sizes. So, if you want to go out with your dog, then you both can wear clothes that match each other. It just adds flavor to the effective lifestyle of the owners.

3. Durable

The Julius-K9 adjustable dog harness is made with ECO-tex. It can be washed, it’s not shapeless and it helps your pet to withstand external shocks.

4. No Pull

The Julius-K9 easy-to-clip dog harness helps users to control their pet with ease. The dog harness has a handy at the backend. It has buckles that help your dog to withstand impact forces.

5. Versatile

The Julius-K9 IDC dog harness comes with side pockets and where removable hooks can be fixed. This aids in training the dog and in punishing it. It’s just awesome.

  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to clip and it’s removable
  • Durable
  • Highly removable
  • Uses ECO-tex with liner for skin-friendly purposes
  • Versatile
  • It comes in various colors and sizes
  • It is adjustable and it has buckles
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can one use this harness for one’s pet that is 15lbs?

Answer: Of course, Yes! Please check the available sizes above.

  1. Can the harness be used minimum weight be used for cats?

Answer: It might, but due to its heftiness it can impede the cat from moving effectively.

  1. Is it advisable to use it as car seat harness for dogs?

Answer: To some extent, you can use it. All you’ve to do is to clip the seat belt adaptor the harness.

  1. Where can the hook be found?

Answer: It can be found at the back of the dog.

  1. What is the difference between the power harness and IDC power harness?

Answer: The power harness is tied to the neck, torso, and belly while the IDC power harness is off the neck and it’s below the chest.

Final Verdict

The Julius-k9 IDC dog harness review impugns everyone who needs a perfect fit dog harness for his/her dog to opt for the undisputed harness. This harness is adjustable and it clips to all kinds of dogs.

It has some fascinating features that make it exceptional, it is tough to withstand pressure and it’s highly dependable that it can be used for a long period.

The review illustrated that the harness has points where hooks and loops fasteners can be fixed. The bag comes in various colors and sizes, just to satisfy every users’ interests. It’s highly recommended.

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