Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness Review

The purchase of dog harness is paramount, especially when it comes to dealing with squirmy dogs. Albeit, buying of suitable harness demands a lot of inquiries before embarking on it, why? The reason is that your pet may feel uncomfortable while it’s clipped on it.

The Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog HarnessSometimes also, the harness used may not be the best for the main reason for purchase. So, what are your aims? Let the cosy meadow escape proof dog harness review answer your questions. Of course, you need a harness that is relevant in the market.

The harness that will make your dog feel comfortable. And finally, the one that is durable, nice looking and made of immeasurable qualities. I’m right, isn’t it? Of course, above average.

So why don’t you check out our quality dog harness that is above average? Though not 100% it’s capable to replace your former harness or leash. The cosy dog harness is perfect for dogs that lunge as it helps users to tame them.

What makes this product incomparable is that it easily clips to the neck and the torso of your pets. Also, it’s an adjustable strap that is removable.

If in case you’re not new to the Cosy Meadow product, we’re glad that this is the integral products of the past. The harness now comes with advanced designs and qualities. The padding of the harness is intriguing that it causes no consequence to your pet. The dog harness causes no harm whatsoever.

Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness Review | 5 Major Features

1. Safety Handle

The cosy meadow dog harness makes training easy. The harness is handy. And it’s found behind the dog harness. This succors users to control their pets in what direction they want the pet to go. In fact, researchers show that using the dog harness is recommendable to dogs that lunge than the use of a collar, why?

Because collar can cause pain to the pets’ tracheas and it can strain their necks. But this harness the cosy meadow non-escape dog harness reliefs your neck from pains.

The pets can move with it from one place to another including those that love to pull, as it won’t harm them. Another quality is that it can be used as a restraint for disable dogs in a car. This will prevent them to be thrown off the cars’ windshield.

2. Adjustable Straps

If you’ve issues with choosing harness for dogs that are large, those with bigger neck, then you’ll know finding the best s daunting. That’s why the cosy meadow prime dog harness is good for your dog. It has is a harness with adjustable straps that make your dog feel comfortable.

Even while taking a walk with your dog, your dog won’t feel disgusted. There is a ring at the side where you can hook, for easy control. Not only that, the harness is padded with neoprene. The same material used in protective gears for cameras and it’s used in diving gears also. The soft neoprene protects your dog from external forces.

3. Easy To Use

The Cosy meadow dog harness comes in various colors and sizes. Potential buyers and nominal buyers can buy for both their dogs and their puppies. The harness also comes in several colors, this means one can allow one’s pet to opt for its choice.

Several customers reviewed that the harness is now an indication to the dog that it’s time to walk. Then the pet will start tugging at them. The harness is superb for dogs that like walkouts, why?

Because it doesn’t rub their legs. It doesn’t choke dogs’ throat despite it slightly and firmly hold the dog’s throat. The front is adjustable and there are buckles at the sides. In fact, the reflective threads are sewn round for perfect use of the harness. The harness is durable also as the fabric (neoprene) tends to last long.

4. Fascinating Designs

The cosy meadow escape proof dog harness comes with designs that are capable to hold one spellbound. It’s perfect for personal use and training purposes. The handy part of it helps users to carry dogs around; the designs are synonymous with Ruffwear designs.

Two latches can be found at the front and the back of the dog harness. The latch at the latch forth is used for training the dog while the one at the back is used for walking out. You can get the harness in different colors such as green, twilight-grey, tillandsia purple, blue dusk, orange poppy, and wild berry.

And also, you can purchase it in different sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. For the small size, you’ll find the neck size to range from 13 to 16 inches (34cm to 40cm) while the chest is 17 to 21 inches (43 to 53cm). The medium size has the neck size range of 16 to 18 inches (40cm to 46cm) while the chest is 19 to 23.5 inches (49cm to 60cm). The large size has the neck size range of 20 to 25 inches (52cm to 64cm) while the chest range is 26 to 33 inches (66cm to 84cm).

The extra-large has a neck size range of 23.5 to 31.5 inches (60 to 80cm) while the chest size range is 27 to 34.5 inches (69cm to 88cm).

Please note: If you need the best fit for your dog, choose the size which measurement is bigger than the size of your pet (the large and the extra-large design come with two steps release buckles for users’ comfortable use).

5. Easy to Maintain

Couple with the fact that it’s difficult for a dog to escape from the harness due to its designs. It can also be washed easily. For dogs that love running, the harness is lightweight that it can be carried by dogs. The stitching of the dog harness is awesome that it keeps your dog at ease. It has two phases that it makes it useable with two leashes for apt comfort during usage.

Why should you use Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness?

1. Clip & Go Design

The cosy meadow non-escape dog harness is easy to clip on dogs. And it’s doesn’t slip over the heads of your dogs. It’s also lightweight, which helps in the conveniences of your pets.

2. Lightweight

The lightweight is one thing that enhances the comfort of your dog. The harness doesn’t rub the legs of your dog either. So be sure that there will not be impediments while walking with your dog.

3. Nice Review

The cosy meadow dog harness is relevant in the market. As many customers have reviewed the product to be made of quality and it lasts longer. The reviews currently have over 70% on Amazon. While is a good indication of a quality product that one can trust for purchase.

4. Versatile

The cosy meadow escape proof can be used for training purposes and for individual walkouts. The harness can be hanged on any part of the house. It keeps the torso and the neck of your pet secure.

5. Quality Designs

The designs are nice. The padding and the nylon stitches hold the harness firmly and distinctly. The designs are magnificent and awesome for every comfort use.

  • Lightweight
  • Relevant
  • Easy to clip and remove
  • Reliable for dogs that pull
  • The harness comes in different sizes and colors
  • The latches help in the dual use of the harness
  • It’s durable
  • The harness is versatile in use.
  • It doesn’t fray
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can one dress the dog from the back while it’s wearing this right?

Answer: Yes, you can use the D-latch

  1. How is the padding of this harness?

Answer: They come with Velcro, in other to make the adjustment of the strap’s length easy.

  1. What does the ‘two-step release buckle’ means?

Answer: It means it can be used by dogs that are large enough and have been escaping when using a harness. The two steps release make it possible to buckle the dogs in the middle and the side.

  1. Is it possible to use a leash with this?

Answer: Of course, the design has space for it. Check the full content of this review, there are directions for that.

 Final Verdict

The cosy meadow escape proof dog harness review challenges everyone that looks forward to purchasing a durable, non-escape dog harness.

The harness uses fabric (neoprene) that is capable to withstand external forces, it can be used for restraint on cars. The harness is lightweight as it helps the dogs to carry out activities with it. The writer also made commendation of the quality designs and how buyers can get the one that suits their pets the most.

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