Chai’s Choice Dog Harness Review

Owning dogs can be so exciting. Due to the fact that dogs can be used for various activities that can help in adding value and support to human existence. They can be used as security guards, they can train sledding and they can be trained by the government defense sectors for the detection of harmful materials, human and so on.

Chai's Choice Dog Harness ReviewBut rearing of dogs without the availability of necessary instruments, the aim rearing the dogs may not be accounted for. However, the Chai’s choice dog harness review provides you with the vest harness that’s capable to keep your dog at maximum comfort while leading them. The review is bound to serve you with the needed details that will help your purchase.

Perhaps, you’ve not considered using a harness. Harnesses are padded materials for dogs to keep them warm during the winter and prevent them from pulling. Though many vest harnesses cause irritation to dogs and their latch quality may not be dependable, but the Chai’s choice “Truelove” dog harness is dependable.

The harness is easy to put on and put off. The harness is adjustable and lightweight also. You can’t compare this harness to many others when it comes to padding, as it’s padded with Mesh fabric to enhance dogs’ comfort while they are using it.

Chai’s Choice Dog Harness Review | 5 Major Features

1. Ergonomic Design

The Chai’s choice vest harness consists of two loops of different wideness. The harness has adjustable straps that help in making the vests fit for dogs. Though it may be hard to fix, trust me, once you get it, your dogs don’t escape from it anymore.

The harness has two rings at the back of the vest and the chest. The rings used are made of Zinc-alloy latches, which is not corrosive.

If you are one who doesn’t plan on using the harness always, the design is so perfect that you can place it at any part of your home. And also, this harness doesn’t discourage your dogs from pulling but it helps you in controlling your dogs while pulling.

2. Mesh Lining & Padding

The Chai’s choice “Truelove” pet harness uses Mesh lining. This is to aid your dog to carry out all activities in all kinds of weather. And also, the padded area at the chest center helps in protecting the dog against external effects.

These are to enhance the comfort of your dog and prevent skin irritations. As it has the ability to absorb moisture and it’s breathable.

Unlike many other vest harnesses, this harness is lightweight and it helps dogs to run and walk freely. The only issue is that it hinders the movement of dogs when swimming. However, its qualities are worth going for.

3. Quality Designs

This Chai’s choice dog harness is undoubtedly one of the leading harnesses. The harness is designed to meet all customers’ demands. It can be purchased in different colors, and in various sizes. The harness can be found in these colors: orange, black, fuchsia, chocolate, purple, royal blue, teal blue, red, and green.

Provided you need one that suits your dog’s size, then this product got you covered with its 5 sizes, and the sizes are extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

For the extra small size, the chest size is 13-17 inches. The small size is 17-22 inches, the medium size is 22-27 inches, the large size is 27-32 inches, and the extra-large size is 32-40 inches. It is advisable that the measurement of the chest of your dogs are taken before making an order.

4. Versatile

This vest harness can be used for several activities such as walkouts, jogging, hiking and running. In fact, it’s seam with nylon webbing and reflective materials for apt visibility in dark areas.

It has a handle for easy control of the dog and also helps the dog to avoid flipping through the windshield of the car. The harness doesn’t go through the armpit and neither does it rub the sensitive part of dogs’ body which may cause retardation while they’re on a motion.

5. Lightweight

The Chai’s choice “Truelove” harness can be carried by your dogs. In fact, it grows with your dog from puppy stage until it grows bigger. Using leach on this harness is pretty convenient and awesome. The buckle also is constructed to prevent dogs from escaping the harness. The harness fits weighty dogs also.

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Why Should You Use Chai’s Choice Dog Harness?

1. Relevance

The Chai’s choice is a tested and trusted vest harness all over the world. It has 3,900 reviews on Amazon with several positive reviews. This is to assure potential buyers that the purchase of this product is great compared to others.

2. Hassle Free

The dog harness is easy to wear and it has prevention against wear and tear. That means your dog can wear it for long without having an issue with it. Dogs can put it on, just like other harnesses. The use of the harness is very sincere to fit dogs of different breeds.

3. Safe For Dogs

Using the Chai’s choice pet harness, you have nothing to worry about. The vest is washable and it absorbs and dry water quickly. The padding is plush and it’s not wooly. In fact, it’ll never make your dog feel uncomfortable at all.

4. Dependable

If you’re a newbie to the purchase of vest harness. Then why can’t you begin your exploration with the Chai’s choice dog harness? The features are what you need to keep your dog free from pulling? It’s what you need to train your dog sledding and so on.

5. Durable

The harness is made of quality materials that are capable to last long. In fact, you can use it to replace several products as it helps you to buy more products.

  • Durable
  • It can be used in the during dark hours as it reflective
  • The product is made of mesh lining and soft sponges
  • Ease of use
  • It’s backed by a 30-day warranty
  • It has two metal rings for leash
  • The harness is adjustable
  • The harness is lightweight
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight of the package?

Answer: 9.6 ounce

  1. How would I know the size to purchase for my girl?

Answer: Dogs have various girth sizes, so in order to purchase, measure the torso/chest/girth of your dog first. Then once this is done, order for a large size.

  1. My 70lbs pulls, and when it does that, it’ll almost injure me. I need a harness that will prevent it from pulling.

Answer: This harness doesn’t disallow your dog from pulling. But it helps you gain full control of the dogs better.

  1. My pet has broken several harnesses. How durable is this one?

Answer: Above average, the connect snaps well and the construction is great.

  1. How do I adjust this harness, please?

Answer: With the two adjust at the neck and one each at both sides of the body, you can easily do that. All you’ve to do is to make the strap pass the head of the dog.

Final Verdict

The bottom line of the Chai’s choice dog harness review is to encourage newbies to embrace the harness which is capable to meet all customers proposed demands. The harness that can be used for controlling dogs while pulling.

The harness that can be used in all weather, and they’re absolutely designed in different colors and sizes. Potential users can use the harness for several reasons such as using it for dogs to rest comfortably in cars.

And help dogs to carry out their outdoor activities flawlessly. The harness is referred to all buyers that want durable materials.

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